Sunday, May 1, 2016

Same Song - Different Sound

I love this video by "the Wikisinger" showing one song sung in a variety of different spaces.  It underscores the immense effect that architecture has on shaping sound and experience.
"With “no artificial reverb added,” Müllner demonstrates how much environment contributes to the quality of what we hear with a montage of sound and video clips from several—very aesthetically pleasing—locations. In each place, Müllner sings the same strange song: in a tunnel, an attic, a field before an oil derricks, the nave of a cathedral, and an anechoic chamber—which resembles the interior of an alien spacecraft and produces no reflections whatsoever. Sometimes the effect is subtle, inviting you to lean in and listen more closely; sometimes it’s outsized and operatic."  (July 17th, 2015 on
Read the whole article here:

Watch the video here: 
the Wikisinger from Touché Videoproduktion on Vimeo.

Reminds me of the piece I recorded in 2011 called MBTA Journey.  Listen here:

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